Strawberry Basil Cake

moist & frosted

This elegant basil & strawberry cake is frosted with strawberry buttercream. The perfect layer cake recipe for summer parties!

Strawberry Cake Ingredients

- fresh strawberries - fresh basil - unsalted butter - granulated sugar - eggs - all-purpose flour - baking powder, baking soda & salt - milk - vanilla extract

Blend strawberries & basil. Set aside.


Cream butter & sugar. Mix in eggs. Separately whisk together dry ingredients. Add milk & vanilla extract to the strawberry puree.


Alternate adding dry & wet mixtures into creamed butter & sugar until smooth. Pour batter into 3 cake pans.


Bake until set. Let cool.


Make simple syrup: simmer strawberries, sugar & water. Strain & set aside.


Pulverize freeze-dried strawberries. Mix with confectioners' sugar & softened butter. Add vanilla extract & cream.


Slice off cake tops to even out. Brush simple syrup between layers & frost with strawberry buttercream.


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