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I teach food photographers & stylists how to find their unique style + creative super powers to make money online no matter their audience size.

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A food photographer standing on a char to take a picture of food on a table.

Learn food photography and styling

Through an intimate group coaching program to a go at your own pace course, to in person workshops, there are so many different ways for you to learn all the food photography things.

To learn where you might fit in, please check out my photography site Style Me Creatively.

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My online go at your own pace course is always open.

The small group coaching program AKA my STYLE mastermind is currently closed for enrollment and will reopen again in February 2021.

Learn more about the mastermind.

My mission

As a woman and an artist I am here to help you realize that you can be financially successful and run a creative business and life.

Too many people go to work every day to a job they dislike and wonder and wish of doing something different- but they are too afraid to actual do it because it is “risky”.

So they stay in that job and let it make their life’s decisions for them. To me, that is the biggest risk of it all.

Let me help you bring your creative goals and dreams into reality.

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