Frosting & Fettuccine
Pistachio chocolate chip cookies laid on top of each other.


Here you will find all my cookie recipes that are made from scratch! All of these cookie recipes are the perfect dessert for kids. They are not only easy but the best way to serve a crowd.

Some of my favorite ones are these Coffee Chocolate Chip Cookies, and these No-Chill Brownie Cookies. We have cookies without chocolate chips, too. Try our Crispy and Chewy Coconut Cookies or the Best Edible Sugar Cookie Dough. These Gingersnap Molasses Cookies are an easy homemade classic holiday cookie. Stash some extra dough in the freezer for a rainy day, or if you need an instant pick me up! Needing a fun, homemade gift? Learn how to create the ultimate cookie gift box with all those cookies here too.

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